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DVW Announces New Partnership Across DVW Teams! MUIR ORTHOPEDICS SPORTS MEDICINE

By admin, 09/24/21, 12:30PM PDT


One of the values DVW strives for, is going beyond the pitch to bring our members access to unique high value opportunities they can only get through our club.  If you have gone to one of our first MLS Next games, you might have noticed our amazingly cool new jerseys, AND the logo of Muir Orthopedics on the jersey sleeve. The rumors are indeed true, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with a world class sports medicine practice like Muir Orthopedics. It’s the kind of partnership we strive for. Our partnership is not just about making our jerseys look good (they do!), it’s about giving our players a competitive advantage on and off the field, a game-changer for our kids’ health and wellness.


INTRODUCING MUIR ORTHOPEDICS SPORTS MEDICINE:  Muir Orthopedic delivers best-in-class healthcare services for athletes in and around the Bay Area, and their Sports Medicine program with DVW gives our club access to the same resources as professional and college teams, including Cal and the Roots.  With facilities in Walnut Creek, Brentwood, Concord, Oakland, and San Ramon, Muir Orthopedics gives our athletes a competitive advantage to keep our players on the pitch, healthy, and performing at their peak levels. You’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more about how they are helping DVW players reach their athletic potential, but in case you are asking what it actually means to you, our members, and our players right now, here’s how: 


·         Muir Orthopedics and DVW will be working together to provide players with access to programming at their world-class Shadelands training/rehab facility to help drive our athletes injury prevention and game recovery;

·         Muir Orthopedics will be providing staff training, education, and professional care services to our teams, and on-site medical coverage on demand for our events;

·         And most importantly to many of us parents, for game day injuries or general injuries, Muir Orthopedics is providing us with a private sports injury “concierge”, a direct line for immediate appointments  and guidance.  IF YOU HAVE AN INJURED PLAYER, PLEASE CALL MICHELLE MCGALLIAN AT 925.708.7282 OR EMAIL HER AT She will direct you to the right place, whether you have private insurance or not. Think of this as your DVW INJURY HOTLINE, hopefully used as infrequently as possible.